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2011 Columbus Auto Show – March 20, 2010

Yesterday Dad and I went to the Columbus Convention Center to take in the 2011 Autoshow. It was a lot of fun. Here is a gallery of some of my persona favorites from the brief stop in Columbus. Thanks for viewing.



The 2011 List of Goals – February 14

Nearly every morning I write myself two lists: what I hope to accomplish at work that day, and another list of things I want to accomplish before heading to bed that evening. I need the organization to keep myself and my day in order. My forgetfulness has always been a weakness, and anything I can do to get things done is much needed.

If it works with the day-to-day chores, I am hoping it will work with a list of items i wish to check off before 2011 is over. They are in no certain order.


  • See Kelly in Flordia
  • Catch baseball games at as many of the following MLB stadiums as possible: Denver, Kansas City, Pittsburgh and St. Louis
  • Drive either to the northeast (Maine, etc.), the southwest (New mexico, etc.) or north (Minn. + the Dakotas)
  • Spend a day or two hiking the Appalachian Trail
  • More visits to friends in Columbus, Cleveland and Youngstown

Jeep Accessories

  • Larger tires
  • 2+ inch lift kit for the Patriot
  • Extra lights – for either the front bumper or overhead
  • More bumper stickers from any road trips I am able to make

Surely there will be later additions to this very preliminary list. But do hope to check off most of the items I have posted so far.

Stay tuned – I will update this site as items are both added and accomplished.


Austin Update – December, 2010

New Years on the border – 1/1/11

Uncovering Bob Dylan … Blowin’ In The Wind

Time for a second installment of our exploration of covers of classic Bob Dylan tunes. Today, it is Blowin’ In The Wind. If you know of other quality versions on this track, let me know. Thanks again, and do enjoy.

Spotlight On The Skyline – November 8, 2010

The Dude’s First Birthday and Father’s Day