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The 2011 List of Goals – February 14

February 14, 2011

Nearly every morning I write myself two lists: what I hope to accomplish at work that day, and another list of things I want to accomplish before heading to bed that evening. I need the organization to keep myself and my day in order. My forgetfulness has always been a weakness, and anything I can do to get things done is much needed.

If it works with the day-to-day chores, I am hoping it will work with a list of items i wish to check off before 2011 is over. They are in no certain order.


  • See Kelly in Flordia
  • Catch baseball games at as many of the following MLB stadiums as possible: Denver, Kansas City, Pittsburgh and St. Louis
  • Drive either to the northeast (Maine, etc.), the southwest (New mexico, etc.) or north (Minn. + the Dakotas)
  • Spend a day or two hiking the Appalachian Trail
  • More visits to friends in Columbus, Cleveland and Youngstown

Jeep Accessories

  • Larger tires
  • 2+ inch lift kit for the Patriot
  • Extra lights – for either the front bumper or overhead
  • More bumper stickers from any road trips I am able to make

Surely there will be later additions to this very preliminary list. But do hope to check off most of the items I have posted so far.

Stay tuned – I will update this site as items are both added and accomplished.



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